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About Us

In 1993, Winnie and Bob Burns had  2 cages in their yard.  These cages were filled with wildlife that needed human assistance to survive.  Whether orphaned, ill or injured, these animals found that help in the hands of Winnie and her husband, Bob.  In 1999, they officially began their journey as Creature Safe Place.  The wild animals of St. Lucie County continued to receive hope and healing in the safety of its gates, and by working with other wildlife rehabilitators and sanctuaries, Creature Safe Place began to help wildlife from all over the state of Florida.  In 2013, due to the generosity of a woman known to us only as “Sonia”, Creature Safe Place was able to purchase 5 acres of land adjacent to our current location. This added space made it possible to build more paddocks and enclosures for the animals, as well as a new and enlarged hospital and quarantine area.  Throughout these changes and expansions, one thing has remained consistent:  the commitment to helping animals return to their wild lives.


A variety of exotic animals, in addition to wildlife, call Creature Safe Place home. As a sanctuary,we are not open to the public, nor do we adopt out any animals. These creatures have a permanent home with us if they are unable to be returned to the wild.  Animals that call CSP home include white-tail deer, red foxes, sandhill cranes, raccoons, parrots and kinkajous.  We depend upon donations from our community for our day to day operations as well as our construction and expansions.  As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, donations are tax deductible as allowed by law.  It is only with the support and generosity of community members and local merchants that CSP is able to provide these animals with their chance to return to their lives.  Our success is your success.


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